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Embassy Studios is a joint venture between Foot Tapping Records boss, Clive Duffin and Darrel. The studio was built in 2005 and is where Darrel records all his own material.


Foot Tapping Records is the label that has released most of Darrel's CDs since 2002.


Gretsch guitars have become an iconic symbol for Rockabilly guitar players the world over. But they make guitars to suit ALL styles of music. Discover their versatility right here:


Peavey make all sorts of musical equipment; from PAs for bands out there gigging all over the country to guitars, basses, drums, microphones - pretty much everything a band would need to start out with as professional a set-up as possible to suit all budgets. Darrel and The Enforcers use Peavey PA and monitors on their club gigs up and down the country. And, of course, Darrel uses the Peavey Delta Blues 1x15 amplifier onstage exclusively.


Darrel's 5170 Gretsch guitar

Darrel's 5170 Gretsch guitar

Clothing and fashion

Websites of interest

Geronimo Clothing have been a big favourite of Darrel's over the years. Dave and Jane provide excellent clothes for the perfect Rockabilly look! Find out more here:


Vivien Of Holloway has been a friend of Darrel's for many years and he has worn her men's shirts on many occasions. Her clothing is exceptional and you can find out more here:


Morellos Clothing has become a recent favourite and their box jackets are superb. Find our more here:


Flaming Star Clothing have long been used by Darrel. You'll find them at most of the Rockabilly Weekend events around the UK, as will be Geronimo and Morellos. Beth and Kev at Flaming Star make a wonderful array of 1950s era clothing for men and women. Find out more here:


Shoes maketh the man... Or so it says in the Bible, apparently. Ok, maybe it doesn't say that specifically but we think they're very important for Rockabilly front men. We all know how important they are to the ladies but men secretly want 100's of pairs as well, if the truth be known! Colin Johnson makes Darrel's favourite shoes and he wears them all the time onstage. Find out more here:


Darrel in a Geronimo shirt

Darrel in a Geronimo shirt